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We provide Native Gulf Coast East Texas cuisine to a wide variety of discerning clients with a vast array of logistical hurdles.  

Storm Relief:  When times are tough following a disaster or storm and roads and businesses are closed and/or flooded, when supply lines are cut, and there's no electricity it is crucial that your first responders on the front line are fed.  We make things happen when you need it the most.  We have fed thousands per day through multiple hurricanes and other events.  We work hard to make sure your people have the nutrition they need to keep your business up and running.  

Turnaround/Shutdown:  We provide individually boxed meals and a wide variety of menus around the clock 7 days a week so you don't have to set up lunches with 7 different restaurants.  We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner around the clock including midnight deliveries for your night crew.

Corporate Lunches:  We bring lunch to a variety of businesses from Doctors Offices to the plants, either individually boxed or buffet style.  Safety meetings, lunch and learns, award ceremonies, or just to impress a client without leaving the office, we provide everything you need to have a great lunch in the office.

Private Chef:  Whether it's a company trip to the lake house, a guys group at a hunting lodge, or a couples weekend on the beach let us handle the cooking.  We create a relaxed environment and world class cuisine.  We travel anywhere.  

Banquets:  We have plates, cutlery, chafing dishes, servers, bartenders, and carving stations for award ceremonies, happy hours, cocktail parties, and even weddings.  

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